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Guest Post: Together, We Can

Today’s guest post is written by a very special lady, Stacy from Heartprints of God. Stacy is very dear to me because she is my sister! 🙂

Together, We Can

Have you ever heard the story of the mouse and the elephant?

Once upon a time an elephant and a mouse were crossing a bridge over a very deep ravine. As the elephant and the mouse made their way across the bridge, the bridge shook. When they finally reached the other side and stepped off of the bridge, the mouse looked up at the elephant and remarked, “Wow! We really shook that bridge, didn’t we?!”
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like an itty bitty mouse in this great big world. I know all too well my weaknesses and all to well what I can’t do. But, thankfully, this mouse doesn’t walk alone. My God walks beside me. Together, we can do anything.
It is in our weakness that His strength is made perfect. (2 Corinthians 12:9)
When we can’t, HE CAN.
When are not able, He is MORE THAN ABLE.
It’s not about us, after all. It’s all about HIM!
We can be sure if God calls us, He will also equip us. No matter what life may throw at us, no matter where we may be, no matter what our need, no matter who we are. With God walking beside us, together, we can do anything. (Philippians 4:13)

Author Bio: Stacy Sanchez, a freelance writer and Children’s Minister, writes at Heartprints of God. Stacy has discovered God is always faithful to leave heartprints of His love scattered across the pages of her life. It is these Heartprints of God that she writes about. A wife, a teacher, a writer, and most cherished of all, a child of God, Stacy writes with both humor and honesty. It is her hope that through her writing, others will begin to see traces of God’s love in their own life and come to truly know the lover of their soul, and in doing so, find the very heart of who they are. Visit her at www.heartprintsofgod.com

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  1. Hi Stacy – so true, we do not walk alone. He is our strength and our rock and our fortress and our protection and …. He is our everything. Great post
    God bless

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