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Thank the Lord I Am Healthy Again!!

If you have been counting the days for me to finally post a new entry, then you would know that it has been 20 days since I have shared with you last!! 20 DAYS!! I know…

I apologize I have been gone for so long, but I came down with the worst cold/flu I have every had in my life (thus far)! I am sure I received this lovely gift from my son!! Wasn’t it nice of him to share?

After about a week and a half of feeling horrible, I decided to put my health in heavenly hands. I prayed so hard, all day in fact, for God to heal my body of this sickness. And all I can say is God is good! After my day of prayer I started noticing that little by little I started to feel better. And day by day I was getting my strength and energy back. Praise the Lord!! I feel like a new person!!

I was even sick over Father’s Day and my birthday! What a bummer right? But, now I guess I am official 34 years old! I guess for right now I consider myself not to old and not to young, maybe just right? Who knows? What I do know is that life is what you make of it no matter your age!

I do have a Tickle Me Tuesday to share because I am sure laughter is good medicine!! And we all can use some good medicine from time to time!!

I heard a joke the other day that went like this:

A pastor was preaching at the pulpit one morning when all of a sudden there was a big boom and lots of smoke.

When the smoke cleared the congregation noticed that the pastor was no longer standing at the pulpit. It was Satan!

As the congregation became aware of what had happened, they became very afraid and started running out of the church. All except for one lady on the front row.

She just sat there. Satan looked at her and said, “Lady, don’t you know who I am?” The lady answered, “I know who you are.”

Satan replied, “Aren’t you afraid?” For which the lady replied. “Why should I be? I have been married to your brother for the last 30 years!”

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  1. I am SO thankful! Thankful you are healthy again and thankful you are back blogging again. I really missed you and missed “sharing” in your life on a day to day basis!

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